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SC Norfolk Fall Soccer Banquet - Friday, December 2nd, 6pm-8pm

The SC Norfolk Fall Soccer Banquet will be held on Friday, December 2nd, 6:00-8:00pm at the King Philip High School Cafeteria.

Join us to celebrate the end of a great soccer season with SC Norfolk players, coaches, and their families! Highlights include a catered dinner, many great raffle prizes, and a DJ playing the kids’ favorite music. All players will be recognized by their coaches at the event.

Register for SC Norfolk Indoor Soccer Session #1 by October 15, 2016

Registration for the indoor soccer session #1 is now open through October 15th. All children living in Norfolk who are in grades 2-6 during the 2016-17 school year are eligible to register. Games are played at Fore Kicks in Norfolk. The session runs from November 1, 2016 through January 22, 2017, and includes 9 games and potential playoffs for the top 4 teams in each bracket. There will be no practices. The days of the week when games are played varies by groups as follows:

Roster Assignment and Heading Updates

As we get closer to the start of the fall soccer season, we’d like to update you on three developments in the sport of soccer which will impact SC Norfolk going forward. Earlier this year, U.S. Soccer announced two significant changes that impact how many players are assigned to a roster and the application of assignment relative to their birth year. A summary of these changes and SC Norfolk's response is provided below. Information on heading is also provided.

Small-Sided Games

Small-Sided Games references the number of players, alterations to field size, goals and rules. Specifically, all U9/10 games will transition from 6v6 to 7v7 and U11/12 from 8v8 to 9v9.  This also results in a decrease from 11v11 to 9v9 for some older players. The effort was to create more touches on the ball for each player and encourage players to learn more positions.  SC Norfolk has adopted this rule effective for the fall 2016 season.

Calendar Year Placement

Mass Youth Soccer License Courses

Did you know that SCN encourages all coaches to complete a Mass Youth Soccer coach license course?

The Mass Youth Soccer license courses are designated A thru G, with license level A being the highest level in the USA.

SCN strongly encourages our coaches to achieve a minimum license level of ‘F’. The license courses teach such things as planning practices sessions, considerations for developing our young players, and basic soccer techniques and drills – the F and G courses are specifically designed for parents that are not familiar with the sport, but want to learn to be a coach for a team. Every SCN coach that has attended these courses attests that they are very beneficial – even those parents that have played the sport before.

To encourage you to become licensed, SCN:
a) Reimburses the cost of fees for you to attend the license courses
b) Refunds the program registration fee for your child (for Fall/Spring programs only) if you have an F license or above, and you are selected as a Head Coach of a team. Note: licensed coaches are typically given preference to unlicensed coaches when determining a head coach for a team.

Scheduled courses can be found at :

You may apply a filter to show specific courses, and select any convenient location/date/time for the course.

Game Rescheduling Procedures

Did you know that if a game needs to be re-scheduled a number of people need to be made aware as early as possible?

The following people should be notified when a game cannot be completed on the scheduled date/ time as follows:

    For Home games only:
  • Referee Coordinator – needs to assign a referee for the new date/time and update the BAYS scheduling system accordingly
  • Field Operations – needs to ensure a field is available. Makeup games can be scheduled for a different time on a Saturday, or scheduled on a practice day. If on a practice day, another coach may need to be asked to move their practice session. S.C. Norfolk has limited days/times when we are guaranteed exclusive use of the fields, so this needs to be coordinated.
    For either Home or Away games:
  • BAYS Section Captain – a courtesy notification only if the date will alter. Otherwise they will expect a report of scores
  • BAYS Division Director – a courtesy notification only if the date will alter. BAYS have timeframe requirements for makeup games (see section 9 of the Rule book on BAYS website), or they may need to make a determination if coaches cannot agree on a mutually convenient date.

S.C. Norfolk will be fined by BAYS if a game is deemed our forfeit.

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